What Not to Pack for a Cruise? 20 Items to Leave at Home

What not to pack for a cruise? There are some items from home that are not allowed on a cruise ship that will send your luggage directly to the naughty room. Then there are some items that you just don’t need to bring with you. Check out these 20 items you should not bring on a cruise.

Packing for a cruise can be tricky because you’re on a ship for a certain length of time and you’re also visiting multiple destinations. You want to be prepared for both the ship and for each destination.

Then there are some amenities and items that we use on a daily basis at home, that we think we’ll need on vacation, too. But alas, there are some items that are not allowed on a cruise ship and some we just shouldn’t waste our luggage space with.

On this site, we have already listed all the essentials for a cruise to pack with some cruise packing tips, but let’s dig into what not to pack for a cruise. So you can start preparing for your cruise ship vacation.

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Keep reading and find out what you can and what you can’t bring on a cruise.

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What items are NOT allowed on cruise ships?

For starters, and most importantly, you should not bring on a cruise… firearms or ammunition, illegal drugs, knives of any kind, explosives, pepper spray, and self-defense devices. These items are not allowed on cruise ships for the safety of all passengers. If you pack any of these items, they will be confiscated and you may be subject to arrest.

Keep reading as we list more items in this article below along with some cruise tips.

What happens when you bring banned items on a cruise ship?

If you pack any of the lesser-criminalizing items into your luggage, they will end up in the naughty room at security. You may be asked to surrender the item to security or throw it away.

So it’s important to check with your cruise line before packing to make sure all of your items are allowed on board.

Can you bring weed on a cruise ship?

No, you can not bring marijuana on a cruise ship. Even if is legal in the state you’re embarking from, it is still considered an illegal drug under U.S. federal laws.

Can you bring an empty water bottle on a cruise?

Yes, you can! In fact, we recommend bringing a reusable water bottle. Cruise ships charge for water and sodas, so it’s helpful to bring an empty water bottle to fill up with free iced tea and lemonade.

What not to pack for a Cruise?

What not to bring on a cruise? The items listed below should not be packed in your luggage because they are simply not necessary or they are not allowed on cruise ships, illegal, and-or unsafe, and dangerous.

haven cabin with lavazza coffee maker
Haven cabin “penthouse suite” on the Norwegian Getaway had a Lavazza machine coffee maker. We’ve heard they most recently have been replaced with Nespresso.

What Not to Bring on a Cruise

1. Beach Towels

Do you have to bring beach towels on a cruise? You do not. Leave your beach towels at home. Cruise lines provide beach towels that you can take with you off the ship. You just have to bring them back with you from the port and they’ll swap them out with new ones.

Note, if you lose your beach towel, you will be charged for it.

2. Hangers

Can you take clothes hangers on a cruise ship? You can, but save your luggage space. Don’t pack hangers for a cruise. Every cruise cabin on a cruise line has several hangers in the closet. If you need more, you can always ask your room steward.

3. Shampoo, Conditioner & Soap

This one, we’d say is optional. Cruise lines provide these basic toiletries in every cruise cabin. Of course, the quality of these items are not the best. So if you’re particular about what products you use, feel free to pack your own.

For the most part, we always pack our own. Especially with my curly hair and sensitive skin. However, we know many cruisers that forgo packing these items.

4. Hairdryer

Do you have to pack a hairdryer on a cruise? No, you don’t. There’s a hairdryer in every cabin.

Speaking as someone that appreciates a strong blow dryer, the newer cruise ships provide a pretty great option.

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Prohibited Items on a Cruise

5. Power Strip with a Surge Protector

Power strips are allowed and an item we do recommend bringing. What is not allowed are power strips with a surge protector.

So if the power strip at home has a button on it that automatically shuts off if there is a power surge, leave that one at home. Buy one that does not have a surge protector to bring with you.

6. Iron

You are not allowed to bring an iron onto cruise ships, so leave it off the packing list. And don’t expect to find irons in your cruise ship cabin either.

Some cruise ships may have laundry rooms that supply ironing boards and irons for passengers to use. However, that is becoming a rare amenity on cruise ships. The last time we used a laundry room on a cruise ship was on a Carnival Cruise Line, many many years ago.

So, what should you do if you need to iron something while on your cruise?

  • You can call your cabin steward and request they lend you an iron to use.
  • We recommend packing a travel-sized wrinkle release spray to spray your clothes with. We will spray the article of clothing and then hang it in the bathroom while we shower so the steam can bring out the wrinkles.
  • Have your steward send out your clothes to get pressed your clothes for you for a cost. This is a service that is offered on most, if not all, cruise ships. Norwegian Cruise Line usually offers 50% off this service on cruise embarkation day, see if your cruise line offers any deals on boarding day.

7. Steamer

Sadly, steamers are not allowed on cruise ships either. It’s one of our favorite items to pack when we travel.

We recommend following the same methods and options as mentioned in item number two.

8. Coffee Maker

Coffee lovers, you must leave your coffee makers at home.

Depending on your cruise line and the cabin you booked, a coffee maker may be provided for you.

We’ve had coffee makers in our cabin on Celebrity and Norwegian Cruise Line ships on the newer ships. But you should always do the research in advance. You never know when they’ll add or remove them.

The best is when you stay in a suite. We stayed in the Haven on Norwegian and the Lavazza coffee maker was the best amenity of the cabin. We made cappuccinos every afternoon to enjoy on our balcony.

What to do if you must have coffee in the morning?

  • You can pack instant coffee packets.
  • Keurigs and Nespresso machines are becoming popular across cruise ships, find out if you’re cruise ship cabin has one. You may be able to bring your favorite single-serve coffee pods.
  • The easiest and best thing to do to have your morning coffee is to set up room service for the morning for a set time. Do this the night before. Room service will knock on your door with a fresh thermos full of coffee and anything else you ordered from the menu. It’s a great wake-up call to start your day.

9. Hot Plate & Other Cooking Appliances

With all the all-inclusive food included on a cruise ship, why would you bring a hot plate? Leave the hot plate and any other cooking appliances at home.

Hot plates, toaster ovens, electric kettles, rice cookers, and Instantpots are all not allowed.

10. Candles & Incense

For safety reasons, candles and incense are not allowed on cruise ships.

However, there are plenty of safe alternatives to choose from that will give your cabin the same ambiance.

We recommend packing flameless candles. We love to bring the flameless tea candles you can buy at the dollar store and use as a nightlight.

11. Heating Pads & Heaters

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What not to pack for a cruise? Anything that produces heat. That includes a heating pad and heaters.

Alternatively, if you need a heating pad for aches and pains, it’s safer to bring air-activated heating pads. These have been lifesavers in the past.

12. Perishable Food

Leave all meats, vegetables, and anything that can perish at home.

You are allowed to bring pre-packaged snacks and non-perishable food items. We usually bring some protein bars with us that we normally pack when we travel, in case we ever need them.

At cruise ports, you are not allowed to bring any food items off the ship.

13. Hangers

Can you take clothes hangers on a cruise ship? You can, but save your luggage space. Don’t pack hangers for a cruise. Every cruise cabin on a cruise line has several hangers in the closet. If you need more, you can always ask your room steward.

14. Alcohol

If you think that you’ll be able to bring your own alcohol to save on the cost of drinks, think again. Most cruise ships restrict outside alcohol. They want you to buy the alcoholic drinks on

There are ways that people do sneak alcohol onto cruise ships, but if you’re caught, they will be thrown out.

infographic list of things not to pack on a cruise
What not to pack for a cruise? Save this handy list to Pinterest!

On some cruise ships, you may be allowed a limited amount of alcohol, but every cruise line is different. Check with your cruise line what their rules are.

When you buy local liquor at cruise ports and return to the ship, security will take the bottles from you and hold them until the end of the cruise. You will receive your liquor at the end of the cruise prior to disembarking.

15. Drones

Drones are not allowed to be used on cruise ships, it is a security risk.

Some cruise lines will allow you to bring a cruise ship so you can use it on land. Of course, in this case, security will hold your drone until your get off at the port.

The drone policies vary between cruise lines.

16. Bicycles, Scooters, Rollerskates…

Anything with wheels is not allowed on a cruise ship. That includes bicycles, scooters, rollerblades, and skateboards. This would be a dangerous activity to partake in on a cruise with 2,000 to 5,000 passengers.

But we could totally see how fun it would be to rollerskate around an empty ship.

17. Inflatables

Inflatables are not allowed on a cruise ship. That includes rafts, kiddie pools, and blow-up balls.

There is only enough room for people to swim in the pools. Leave the inflatables at home.

18. Weapons of Any Kind

What not to pack for a cruise? Weapons!

Weapons of any kind are prohibited and you can not bring them on a cruise ship. If you can’t bring it on a plane, you can’t bring it on a cruise ship.

That includes anything that could be considered a weapon, such as pepper spray, mace, a taser, and knives.

19. Explosives or fireworks

What not to bring on a cruise? Of course, you can’t bring explosives or fireworks on a cruise ship. That would be dangerous and irresponsible. Leave fireworks to the professional.

Disney Cruise Lines is the only cruise line that still has fireworks displays on some of its cruise ships and itineraries.

20. Illegal Substances

Illegal drugs are not allowed on cruise ships. If you are caught with illegal drugs, you will be disembarked at the next port and turned over to local authorities.

Check out what not to bring on a cruise with your cruise line:

Cruise Essentials to Pack

Before you set sail, be sure to pack these essentials that will help make your cruise even more enjoyable. These items include everything from sun protection essentials to must-have medications. So don’t forget to add them to your cruise packing list.

We hope this list helps you avoid any packing disasters and gives you an idea of what not to bring on a cruise. Basically, if it’s dangerous or unsafe, don’t bring it. Let’s keep packing simple.

What do you like to bring on a cruise? Let us know in the comments below.

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