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For those who aren’t clear about it, an immigrant visa is for those who want to live permanently in the US. And on the other hand there’s this nonimmigrant visa too that’s for those who have a residence outside the US but they wish to come to the US for traveling or some other purposes. A lot of people apply for visa immigration every year but most of them fail mid way because they aren’t guided properly or their applications aren’t complete with the required documents etc. In simpler words, if you wish to apply for an immigrant visa, you should first learn everything that’s important about it and in such a situation there are sites like Iavisa that can come in handy to you.

Other than this, here’s some basic information that will help you for visa immigration.

What Is Visa Immigration?

As said earlier, a visa immigration of an immigrant visa is a type of visa that’s given to those who want to shift to the US permanently and have a permanent residence there. It’s a little tough to get this visa approved but with the help of the right agent or agency, one can easily get his visa immigration without any hassle.

What Are The Immigrant Visa Types? 

Various types of immigrant visas are issued to people living in foreign countries. Here are some of them that you can apply for as per your condition and eligibility;

  • Immediate relative visa
  • Family preference visa
  • Employment based visa
  • Diversity visa

Immediate Relative Visa 

If you have an immediate relative already living in the US then you can apply for this visa. The immediate relative visas issues are unlimited.

Family Preference Visa 

If you are a distant relative of a US citizen who has a permanent residence in the US then you can apply for this type of visa. The visas issues under this category are limited in number.

Employment Based Visa 

USCIS issues 140,000 employment based visas every year and these visas totally depend on you and your qualifications.

Diversity Immigrant Visa

In this type, those people are selected who belong to foreign countries with extremely low immigration rates to the US. There’s a limited number of seats available in this type of immigrant visa.

How Does A Visa Work For Immigrants? 

It depends on the type of visa you are applying for. But generally, once you become a US citizen and once your visa immigration gets approved, you get to enjoy all those benefits and facilities like the other US citizens. From employment to education to basic healthcare facilities, you get to enjoy all of that. Not only this, in fact, keeping the law in view, you can even buy a piece of land in the US once you become a resident there.

We hope that by now you know all that you want to about visa immigration. For more information, visit the website we just mentioned in the start and make sure to follow the process properly to get your visa approved.

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