Tuncurry Golf Course – A Great Place to Play

Tuncurry Golf Course is a championship course located at Forster Tuncurry, which is a small coastal town on the Mid North coast of New South Wales, Australia, approximately 200 miles north of Sydney. Forster Tuncurry has a population of around 20000 and is a tourist destination for thousands of people per year. It has a mild climate with golden beaches and is also located on Wallis Lake.

Tuncurry Golf Course is a traditional par 72, 36 both sides. It is located about 100 yards from Nine Mile beach and is a sand base with extremely good drainage and very flat. It’s drainage is such that it is rarely, if ever, closed due to inclement weather.

For the average golfer Tuncurry is an extreme examination of their ability or, quite often, lack of it. For the low marker it is a challenge to say the least.

The course is unusual as there are very few trees on the fairways, or indeed the rough, but stray from the rough and you’re dead – stray and you will pay. The course is cut out of coastal bush so in between holes there is fairly dense bush between 5 and 15 yards wide. The rough is fairly narrow and beyond that is the bush – not where you want to be. In places it is relatively easy to find your ball, in other places near impossible. As there is dense bush between the holes quite often you feel as though you’re the only people on the course… until the group behind catches you because you’ve been slower than you should have been.

Numerous varieties of wildlife call the course home – kangaroos, wallabies and even koala bears are common sights. Also lizards and many different birds live there.

Visiting golfers are extremely welcome and, if you’re a member of another club you can play in the competition on any day of the week. This is a big surprise for members of other clubs who know full well that most clubs have only certain days of the year when visitors are invited to play on competition days.

The course itself is 6720 yards in length with a variety of holes to test your ability. The greens are fairly large and slightly undulating but, as the course is basically flat, you are able to run shots onto the green from a fair distance out. If you’re not a great wedge player Tuncurry is for you.

It has been said that golf is a good walk ruined. I must agree that I have thought that on more than one occasion. However, around Tuncurry, even if you’re having a poor round, the scenery is such with the native flowers and wildlife you’ll still finish with a smile on your face.

If you’re looking for a game of golf in a beautiful setting Tuncurry Golf course is for you. Why not make it part of your next holiday.

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