Things to Know before an Arctic Expedition

The Arctic is just the dream, especially for adventurers and nature lovers! Far from the stress of cities, in absolute silence and picturesque landscapes, it is like another world opens up to you! There are many reasons to go there: to test your endurance limits, to find harmony with the wilderness, to observe exceptional wildlife and landscapes, to better understand the geo-political, economic and climatic challenges, to commune with the locals or to take a step back on your hectic lives! But before your Arctic expedition, here are the main points to know.

Get Mentally Prepared for the Arctic Expedition

An Arctic expedition is a fabulous adventure that can never be improvised! Beyond the choice of the tour operator like Qilak and the traveling option, which depends on your personal profile, there is a state of mind to adopt before venturing there! In the Arctic, time and space take on a whole new dimension. And it is illusory to demand a very tightly timed schedule because your ability to adapt will be greatly sought!

You should therefore understand the challenges of life in the Arctic (extreme and changing weather conditions, presence of polar bears and other wild animals, limited means of communication and rescue services, etc.). Only afterwards will you know if an Arctic expedition is the best choice for your next holiday you or not!

Book you Arctic Accommodation

As for all other types of vacation, an Arctic expedition requires booking the most adapted accommodation in advance. If you want to stay in a comfortable and modern place, opt for a luxury eco-lodge. In the Arctic, there are a few cozy and seasonally open lodges that offers you a high-end stay (at a higher price of course). On the program, you will discover local and international gastronomy, and practice extraordinary activities supervised by experienced guides. 

The second option is to stay in the heart of an Inuit Community during your Arctic expedition. Several polar communities welcome enthusiasts of sustainable tourism for a true immersion in their culture. Themed packages allow you to discover a way of life that, although it has adapted to modernity, remains highly inspired by traditions. You will also be to share meals, travel and do activities with the population. The accommodation can be at the heart of the community of your choice or in a camp set up in the tundra or even on the ice floe.

To facilitate the organization of your Arctic expedition, we recommend to entrust a professional agency specialized in Arctic expeditions. This is the case of Qilak which ensures you a unique Artic expedition that will mark your life.

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