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For anyone who is traveling to Norway, it is important to familiarize themselves with the customs for entry. Since breaking the laws can result in immediate prosecution. The chance for foreigners to come to Norway from several countries other than the European Union, Switzerland, and the United States is often restricted. So before planning a family vacation to Norway make sure you are legally allowed to travel to Norway.

One more thing that you need to acquaint yourself with is auto renting. Renting a car or another vehicle enables you to travel at your convenience and get to the places you want to visit pronto and hassle-free. Rental cars are not just convenient but they provide extra freedom and privacy as well. For more assistance scroll down to learn a few more things that you need to make a great trip to Norway.

A little research

This one may appear a bit needless to mention, but surprisingly many people visit Norway without having any formal information, apart from the fact that it is a beautiful country. So to avoid any inconvenience make sure you do some research earlier. It should not take much time, just read a travel guide and ask a bunch of friends on social media.

Decide the best time for your trip

A lot of people are usually uncertain of when to tour Norway, and it is completely understandable. As is the case with most other destinations, you need to consider the standard weather of each season and, of course, the temperature as well in Norway. The most popular time to visit Norway is the summer season. There are extended opening hours in most tourist areas and there is lots of daylight making it the most comfortable time of the year. Summer has officially become the high season for tour activities in the country.

Mode of transportation

Once you have decided the season for your trip, it is now time to pick a suitable mode of transportation for your stay in Norway. The first thing to think about is whether or not you should rent a car.

As mentioned earlier, it is easier to use a rental car, yet if you want to choose public transportation, that has its perks too. You can easily get to most places in Norway using trains and buses and without worrying about damaging the rental car. Besides, on public transports, you get the most chances to interact with the locals. Though if you are traveling by public transport you also need to account for a little spare time on your Norway trip.

Extra Clothes

The weather, in Norway, changes a lot between seasons. So never forget to bring enough clothes. Especially, if you are preparing to go on some hikes throughout your visit, you must bring an additional layer of clothes.


Norway is considered a very safe country to visit, as it is not a particularly touristic place. Still, you need to watch out for pickpockets and do not blatantly display a camera or an extravagant phone. Use common sense and take good care of your stuff.

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