Royce Investment Partners Commentary: The Case for Allocating to International Small-Cap Stocks

Putting International Tiny-Caps On the Map

Our purpose in this paper is to deliver an introduction for asset allocators to the intercontinental tiny-cap asset class by detailing its characteristics in conditions of performance, volatility, correlation, and fundamentals.

Because asset allocators frequently examine intercontinental tiny-cap with intercontinental big-cap, we assumed it was notably critical to analyze the lengthy-phrase relative performance of these two asset courses to spotlight the normal frequency with which intercontinental tiny-caps outperformed their big-cap siblings.

Realizing that the hazard/return trade-off is normally appropriate when examining diverse asset courses, we also contain volatility comparisons which display that intercontinental tiny-cap’s excellent performance file came with much less incremental volatility than lots of financial gurus may possibly expect.

We then go on to analyze how the two asset courses fared in diverse marketplace environments, these kinds of as soaring and falling equity markets and soaring and falling desire costs periods, which confirmed that sure periods resulted in even broader beneficial relative return spreads for intercontinental tiny-caps.

To increase intercontinental tiny-cap’s interesting characteristics on a standalone basis, we show the gains of incorporating the asset class to a world wide multi-asset portfolio. International tiny-caps have traditionally had a reduced correlation to U.S. big-caps than both intercontinental big-caps or U.S. tiny-caps. This reduced correlation authorized intercontinental tiny-caps to be additive on both of those an complete and hazard-modified return basis to a world wide multi-asset portfolio.

At last, we seem at some indicators that propose, at the very least to us, why the latest period of time presents a compelling and well timed possibility. We conclude by highlighting some fundamental components that we feel make the asset class likely fertile ground for energetic administration.

Introducing a Substantial Opportunity in International Tiny-Caps

Taking into consideration that much less than one%one of mutual fund belongings in the U.S. are invested in tiny-caps outdoors the U.S., we suspect that lots of asset allocators assume of intercontinental tiny-caps (if they assume of them at all) as a nearly indistinguishable subset of the big non-U.S. equity universe. If this is appropriate, intercontinental tiny-caps would appear to be facing an uphill climb toward recognition as an approved asset class, a lot like their stateside cousins did more than two decades ago. However, the info notify a tale that should really amount that hill. Numerous asset allocators will be stunned to discover that the total marketplace worth of the providers in the MSCI ACWI ex Usa Tiny Cap Index, our proxy for intercontinental tiny-caps, is two times as big as that marketplace capitalization of the Russell 2000 Index.

one Resource: Morningstar

In comparison with U.S. tiny-caps, there are:

Number of Stock in International Small-CapInternational Small-Cap Market Value

Resource: FactSet as of twelve/31/19 ”U.S. Tiny-Cap” is represented by Russell 2000, and “International Tiny-Cap” by MSCI ACWI ex Usa Tiny Cap .

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