Quick Tips for Trip Planning On a Budget

A beginner's guide on how to plan your travel budget

Traveling is a great way to get away, spend time with the family, discover beauty, or just escape reality for a while. However, it can also get expensive, leading many people to travel much less than they’d prefer. Fortunately, there are several ways you can combat the high cost of travel.

Make a Plan

If you’re getting ready to take any trip on a budget – whether a state away or across the world – you need to begin with a plan. Know ahead of time how much you can spend and what you want to do once you reach your destination. With this knowledge, you can more easily plan your trip and prioritize how you spend your money.

Choose the Best Time

Supply and demand don’t just affect the cost of tissue and food. It also determines the cost of your travel. If you decide to travel during busy times of the year, you can expect to pay really high prices for everything. However, if you go before or after peak season, you can save hundreds or even thousands on airfare, lodging, food, and more.

Most airports, hotels, and condos all offer calendars to choose your dates. This also typically shows the prices for those days. If you play around with the dates on those calendars, you can find a time that will fit into your budget.

Shop Around

It can be tempting to book the first option you see with a decent price range, but you can usually find something cheaper. Do some comparison shopping to find the best discounts on hotels, plane tickets, and rental cars.

Skip the Pricey Meals

Unless you are traveling specifically to eat a variety of meals, this is an area where you can cut back a lot. Instead of going out for every meal, make a grocery run when you get to your destination. Pick up quick things for breakfast and lunch, like sandwich meat and bread.

If you’re in a condo, you should have access to an oven, which means you can put some easy things on to bake for dinner. Even if you’re not in a condo, you can consider taking a slow cooker, hot plate, and similar items to your hotel room. You can still eat out some, but by eating in several times during your trip, you significantly cut down on what you spend.

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