Narconon Centers Around the World Celebrate the 54th Anniversary of Narconon

Feb. 19, 2020, marks the 54th anniversary of the around the world Narconon system. Narconon centers around the environment rejoice today #NarcononDay in honor of the tens of countless numbers of Narconon system graduates.

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The Narconon Program, a nonprofit, drug and alcoholic beverages rehabilitation system, celebrates its 54th anniversary today on Feb. 19, 2020 — marking in excess of 50 % a century of life saved and families restored. Many Narconon centers will be participating in functions and people today are urged to request out drug-cost-free functions in their spot.

There is no mistaking it — alcohol and drug habit consider a toll on not just folks but families and communities all in excess of the environment. Every individual Narconon helps be drug-cost-free for fantastic builds not only a new lifetime for them but also for anyone they love and their full group. The ripple outcomes of just one drug-cost-free lifetime are innumerable.

In the course of the previous fifty-additionally yrs, Narconon team members have seen the numerous sides of habit up close and they have helped tens of countless numbers prevail over it for fantastic. Along the way, Narconon has set the common for thriving cure without the use of alternative medications or the perception that habit is a ailment from which one may never ever get better. Instead, it is Narconon’s sincere perception that every single of us has it inside ourselves to prevail over habit and turn into content, wholesome, and successful members of modern society.

This calendar year, Narconon centers around the world — from Taiwan to Italy, from the United States to Nepal, and numerous other nations around the world — celebrate this historic anniversary by bringing the a lot-needed information of hope to families, group members, and officers in their spots.

It is an honor to be a aspect of the Narconon team. There is no better prize in the environment than to have the smile and heartfelt many thanks of a mother who bought her son or daughter back. That can make lifetime worthy of living.

David Judice

Executive Director of Narconon Arrowhead

What this day represents more than something is the tens of countless numbers of lives that Narconon has had the honor and privilege of helping in excess of the last five decades. Those who have returned to their families and their communities as wholesome, successful and drug-cost-free folks. It is for every single one of them, the moms, fathers, daughters, and sons, and the innumerable numerous a lot more Narconon hopes to help in excess of its up coming fifty yrs, that they rejoice today.

As David Judice, Executive Director of Narconon Arrowhead, said, “It is an honor to be a aspect of the Narconon team. There is no better prize in the environment than to have the smile and heartfelt many thanks of a mother who bought her son or daughter back. That can make lifetime worthy of living.”

Narconon welcomes everyone to join them in celebrating this particular day. Their resounding information is hope for those having difficulties with drug and alcoholic beverages habit and the chance of living drug-cost-free for fantastic.


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