How the Adidas app rewards loyal customers

Without the need of the incentives that labored most effective in advance of the pandemic, we needed new methods to reward our tens of millions of high quality users. To produce pleasant and engaging new activities, we invested in digital activities and individualized in-store support. We also launched by-appointment browsing and contactless purchase choices as included rewards.

To commit in your most faithful consumers, just take the time to get to know them and what they need to have. For the reason that we listened to our possess high quality consumer base, we understood that only a seamless and easy app working experience would keep them motivated and engaged.

Adapt to rising traits

E-commerce is shifting each individual working day as expectations increase. Individuals want makes to be there for them with swift and effortless approaches to store, browse, and continue to be linked in an significantly contactless natural environment. Apps give us the runway to innovate and preserve our loyal customers engaged. Now people can see what a shoe appears to be like applying augmented fact or place on their own 1st in line to acquire a new solution by finishing a fitness challenge.

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