BLUETTI Christmas Sale Starts Now – Solar Generators, Solar Panels, Massive Savings

Press Release

Dec 24, 2021 21:30 EST

Missed the Black Friday sale last month? No worries! BLUETTI’s now offering up to 26% off during its Christmas sale.

BLUETTI AC200P Power Station

(Starts at C$1899 (originally C$2059)

The top pick absolutely goes to the power beast – AC200P. Packed with 2000 watts of AC inverter, an enormous 2000Wh of capacity, and utilizing LiFePO4 battery, the BLUETTI AC200P is undoubtedly the most competitive solar generator for its price. It can power all your needs from a household fridge to an 8,000 BTU portable air conditioner without breaking a sweat. It also supports up to 700W solar input and can be fully charged in 4 hours.

BLUETTIEB150 Power Station

Starts at C$989.99(originally C$1139.99)

The BLUETTI EB150 is an all-in-one solar generator launched in 2019. Featured with a 1000Watt AC inverter, it can power most of your appliances outdoors and indoors. Its 1,500Wh battery capacity makes certain you do not need to worry about power even for long trips. The EB150’s built-in MPPT controller also supports up to 500 watts of solar input and can be fully charged in 4.5 hours.

BLUETTI EB70 Power Station

The new product BLUETTI EB70 packs with a 700W AC inverter and 716Wh ultra-durable LiFePO4 battery pack. It is now offering a C$150 straight saving with SP200 solar panels for the Christmas sale.

Recommended BLUETTI Bundles for Christmas:

 AC200P+3* SP120/SP200 combo:

Bundle 1: C$2896.99 (Reg. C$3039.99)

o 1-AC200P: 2000W, 2048Wh Solar Generator

o 3-SP120: 120W Foldable Solar Panel 

Bundle 2:C$3499 (Reg. C$3699.99)

o 1-AC200P: 2000W, 2048Wh Solar Generator

o 3-SP200: 200W Foldable Solar Panel 

  •  EB240+2*SP120/SP200 Bundle:

Bundle 1:C$2299.99 (Reg. C$2499.99)

o 1-EB240: 2000W, 2048Wh Solar Generator

o 2-SP120: 120W Foldable Solar Panel  

Bundle 2:C$2499.99 (Reg. C$2699.99)

o 1-EB240: 2000W, 2048Wh Solar Generator

o 2-SP200: 200W Foldable Solar Panel 

  • EB150+2*SP120/SP200 Bundle:

Bundle 1:C$1699.99 (Reg. C$2297)

o 1-EB150: 2000W, 2000Wh Solar Generator

o 2-SP120: 120W Foldable Solar Panel  

Bundle 2:C$1999.99 (Reg. C$2709)

o 1-EB150: 2000W, 2000Wh Solar Generator

o 2-SP200: 200W Foldable Solar Panel 

o 1-EB70: 700W, 716Wh Solar Generator

o 1-SP200: 200W Foldable Solar Panel

· AC50S+SP120 Combo: C$789.99 (Reg. C$898)

o 1-AC50S 700W, 537Wh Solar Generator

o 1-SP120: 120W Foldable Solar Panel

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