6 German Cities Ideal for A Young Person to Visit

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Statistics have shown that young adults preferred living in urban areas while the older generation would prefer living in the suburbs or the village areas. 

Things that attract young adults to cities.

Before looking at the German cities that are most suitable for young people it is important to know what attracts them to search cities in the first place. 

Have a look;

  1. Education and Career growth
  2. Recreation
  3. Employment prospects 
  4. Personal development
  5. Fashion trends
  6. Socialization
  7. Modern and contemporary lifestyle
  8. Fast growing information technology

Each of the listed cities below has its character trait that I find most suitable for a young person to live in. 

  1. Hamburg

The second largest city in Germany is also an ideal location for a young person to visit.

It is home to one of the best shopping malls and streets in Germany. The latest fashion and design trends are found in this contemporary City. 

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Another attractive thing about the city is its employment prospects and salaries.

Statistics show that employees in this city earn way more than the national average in terms of salary. 

Any young adults looking for a job will really appreciate what Hamburg has to offer.

  1. Berlin 

To some extent Berlin might not have the party life in Munich but it brings a lot to the table in terms of the array of job opportunities.

Being the capital city of the country Berlin has developed globally in terms of industrial development.

For any young adult who wants to focus on building a career and finding better opportunities Berlin should be top of your list.

The unemployment rate in Berlin is significantly lower than any other city in the country. Many of the jobs in Berlin also pay considerably higher than most cities.

Berlin is also a centre in terms of education with about five major public universities and over 15 private universities. There are a lot of educational courses and programs for both international and resident students. 

  1. Munich

If you are a person who enjoys socialization and fun activities this is the right City for you. 

The Oktoberfest is among the things that identify this beautiful city.

People all across the world travel to Munich in the month of October to enjoy the Great beer of Germany. 

The Oktoberfest is not just about beers but also fun activities like dancing, singing and great food.

Munich also has one of the best rock concerts in Germany all year round. 

Finally, Munich has been ranked as the city with the highest number of educational institutions with world class universities and international schools. 

It makes it the perfect city for a young adult who wants to further their education as well as socialize with peers.

  1. Cologne 

Looking for a once-in-a-lifetime night out? Well, cologne is the right City for you. 

It has been so statistically ranked as the biggest party City in Germany. 

The nightlife in the city of Cologne is like no other. It has just over 2,500 bars and more than 450 dance clubs. 

During the day you can also tour the amazing museums in Cologne.

Another thing that draws young adults to the city of Cologne is its carnival festival. It has the biggest carnival parties and parades in the month of February compared to any other city in Germany.

  1. Frankfurt 

Frankfurt is one of the most contemporary cities in Germany. It has the modern feel of a city with high skyscrapers as well as state of the art modern galleries. 

It is ideal for a person looking for a corporate job or someone who wants to venture into the corporate world. 

It is advanced in terms of financial institutions with the world’s biggest bank and even the European bank being located within the city. 

Frankfort is also ideal for a person who enjoys sporting activities. You can enjoy a weekend out with your friends playing football or doing some skating. 

  1. Leipzig

Finally, let’s look for a more budget-friendly option. Most of the cities discussed above are very expensive in terms of the cost of living. 

Leipzig in Germany is home to a number of educational institutions like the famous Leipzig University. 

The selling point of this city is that it shakes off most of the things young adults look for in a city and at the same time it saves you money. 

The price of a one-bedroom apartment in Leipzig is nearly half of the same one bedroom price found in Munich.  

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