4 List of Bars in Jakarta: The Atmosphere Makes You Feel At Home

12 best Bars in Jakarta for an Unforgettable Night Out

Jakarta is one of the busy metropolitan cities filled with people. As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta is, of course, equipped with various supporting facilities for the community’s needs, one of which is bars in Jakarta. A bar is a great place to hang out or have a party with friends. Bars in Jakarta have a variety of entertainment and menus that will add to the excitement of your evening.

Aesthetic Bars in Jakarta

It’s not hard to find bars in a metropolitan area like Jakarta because there are many choices. Usually, the workers go to the bar to relieve fatigue from the pile of work. If you are one of them, you can go to some of the following bars.

1. Caspar

Caspar is a bar with a mix of restaurants that carry the Spanish concept. Entering Caspar, you will face a contemporary aesthetic interior with wooden ornaments. Caspar is a bar located at Sudirman Suites Apartment Jakarta in Jalan Jenderal Sudirman.

This Spanish nuance is supported by a variety of mainstay menus, such as white and red wine. As for the food, you can order authentic Spanish food such as paella, alitas picantes and pollo de mantequilla.

2. Cloud Lounge Jakarta

Not only Caspar in Jakarta, but you can also visit Cloud Lounge Jakarta. This bar was renovated in 2019, and now it looks grander. The location is on the 49th floor of the Plaza Office Tower, which is in the heart of Jakarta.

Cloud Lounge is a luxurious bar with stunning sunset views. Not only seeing the sunset, you can also see the sparkling lights of tall buildings in Jakarta. Cloud Lounge provides a wide range of wines, whiskeys and vodkas. As for the food, the menu includes oxtail soup, oxtail fried rice, wagyu rib-eye and pasta.

3. Henshin

Are you tired of going to the same bar? You can come to Henshin. This bar is located at the roof of the Westin Hotel and is 304 meters high. Henshin is the tallest bar in Indonesia and undoubtedly very classy.

Henshin is an expensive bar in Jakarta, but if you visit here, you can enjoy the beautiful skyline of the capital city of Jakarta. Henshin provides a variety of food menus from Japan and Latin America, such as beef sukiyaki, wagyu sushi bowl, udon con Carne and salmon al miso.

4. Beer Hall SCBD

Finally, the SCBD Beer Hall is no less magnificent than Henshin. The design of the bar is inspired by industrial concepts such as factory warehouses in the past. Beer Hall SCBD also provides a large selection of beers and delicious food. Some recommended items on the menu are pizza and crispy chicken rice with sambal matah filled with Balinese chili sauce and boneless chicken thighs.

In addition to the four bars above, there is a no less luxurious hangout place named Resto Kempinski Jakarta. The location is on Jalan MH Thamrin Jakarta, with various delicious menus. If you are curious, you can come directly to the place.

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